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  1. Wellness

    1. Health & Fitness

      Diet, exercise habits, free of disease, overall energy level, healthy eating.

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    2. Emotions

      General feeling about life; optimism vs pessimism, positivity vs negativity, emotional awareness .

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  2. Effectiveness

    1. Productivity & Organization

      Memorized solutions, daily routine, schedule, effectiveness.

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    2. Money & Finances

      Savings, investments, assets, debt, organization, management, budgeting.

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  3. Thinking

    1. Thinking & Deciding

      Thinking skills, decision effectiveness, rationality habits.

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    2. Knowledge & Education

      Knowledge, education, talents, skills, mental development, learning new things.

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  4. Social

    1. Social Life

      Your home life, relationships with family members, friends, social experiences, networking, clubs, organizations.

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    2. Intimate Relationship

      The intimate relationship(s) you have or want to have; your partner; the quality of your relationship.

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    3. Communication

      Spreading ideas, discussing, influence, persuasion, arguing, philosophizing, debating, opinions, interacting, writing, speaking.

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  5. Impact

    1. Career & Work

      Your work, job, career, or business; your source of income.

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    2. Contribution & Impact

      Giving value to the world; making a difference; impact on the world.

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  6. Self

    1. Worldview & Purpose

      Your overall clarity as to your existence, purpose, and place in the universe; religious beliefs; goals; philosophy of life; fundamentals; want out of life; values; worldview; beliefs about everything—the past, present, and future, what is valuable, virtuous, and just.

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    2. Character & Integrity

      Your integrity, honesty, courage, compassion, honor, self-discipline, mindset, etc.

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  7. Enjoyment

    1. Location & Possessions

      Living situation, where in the world, home, possessions, electronics, toys, material sufficiency.

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    2. Fun & Adventure

      Experiencing what you want to experience; enjoying life; creativity; things do for fun; hobbies; recreation.

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