Meet Julia


Hi there! Thanks for swinging by. I’m Julia and I have a thing for professional development. Ever since college I’ve been curious about the steps people take to reach their goals and I’m passionate about helping others succeed. I love hearing tales of making it and staying true to yourself.

I started Thrivery because I felt young professionals were underserved in career content that truly speaks our language. Outside of looking up tips when you’re job hunting, do you ever really pay attention to the career space anyway? Be honest.

Thrivery is here to inspire by merging career with lifestyle, to keep the conversation going from that first job to Director-level to world takeover and everything in between. To stay with you every day as you deal with the grind. To get real on the struggles. To celebrate after hours. That’s what our lives are all about anyway — this fantastic mix of work, play, passion, soul searching, struggle, and celebration.

Welcome to Thrivery. I hope you’re inspired. xo.