Why My Hobby Helps Me to Be More Creative in My Job

When it comes to art, it’s personal. Just like writing or exercising or cooking is to others, drawing and painting are to me.

It’s a well known fact that hobbies help to quiet persistent thoughts and stressors. They are done for pure enjoyment. They bring you back to who you are. But, I’ve noticed that something interesting happens every time I focus on my art. By tapping into my creative side, I become more of a creative person in my everyday, including at work.

In a Fast Company article called Four Things to Do Outside the Office to Boost Your Creativity, there is a direct correlation between giving your mind a break and being a more creative employee. In the article, simple tasks like walking and observing what’s around you are addressed to help harness creativity, but hobbies take it one step further to truly get you in the zone. Creativity is spurred on by being in the now and quieting all other thoughts. Sometimes that involves not actually working (win!).


I’ve realized that by exercising my creativity through art, I’m able to creatively problem solve more effectively on the job and confidently share my thoughts and opinions on projects. (Full disclosure, I work in a creative setting that allows me to flex that muscle more often than in other environments). I’m tapping into that side of my brain more frequently, which makes it easier to do even in situations that aren’t traditionally creative. Plus, since I have something uniquely my own to look forward to each night, it makes me want to take on the day even more. Cue the creative productivity.

No matter the hobby, having your “thing” can center you and make it easier to be creative at work and in life. Look at all the entrepreneurs who carve out time to do what they love on a regular basis — the thing that doesn’t necessarily make them money. Sometimes there needs to be a little more focus on the play so that you’re able to exceptionally deliver on the work. Here’s why you should pick back up that hobby you know you’ve been missing and get the creative juices flowing.

My hobby gives me fuel.
It’s cliche to say, but my hobby feeds my soul. It brings me back to me and who I am, stripping away any approvals from work, from life, from everything. It’s something that I can’t compare to anyone else because it is just mine and only mine. I get excited to take on the day knowing I have my own project waiting for me at home. It helps to steer everything from my commute to my job and how I react in different situations.

It gets me excited for a “me” project.
Hobbies remind me that it’s not about work all the time. Isn’t it great to have a project that, once you’re done, you don’t feel the need to immediately post? That you don’t wonder, “Hm, how can I monetize this?” That’s a “me” project. It never has to go anywhere, but it gets you jazzed just to do it. That feeling of excitement can dim when you’re going through the daily grind, but adding in something you love to your day — even just for a few minutes — can make all the difference. It’s essentially “me time” via a hobby.

It builds confidence.
When I’m feeling happy and fulfilled because I’m focusing on what fuels me, I’m able to deliver my best work on the job. Get a deck done in one day for a meeting tomorrow? You got it. Figure out a solution to an unforeseen problem? Let’s do this. I have a clearer mind and thus am able to more confidently approach my work. It’s like I’ve unlocked something inside of me each time I begin a new art piece that boosts every part of me. I become more myself.

What hobbies do you have that help to get your creativity on? 




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