Not Your Average Career Site

You’ve read it all before: how to network, how to grab the attention of a recruiter, how to use LinkedIn, how to send a proper professional email, how to ask for a raise. How interesting can career stuff really be?

Hi, this is Thrivery. This is where career and lifestyle merge.

Our careers become so central to who we are. It’s what we do every day, which is why it is so important to find what fuels us. Thrivery is for people like you and me, like of all us. We’re refreshing the career lifestyle space to add interest, intent, and motivation.

Thrivery is not your average career site. Our content will get real on career with advice from experts and peers alike, find the funny in those overly professional moments, and tie it all back to who we are. These are the tales of making it and staying true to yourself — and sometimes even a little faking it, too. My hope is that as you grow and find what you are looking for in your career, Thrivery grows with you.

This is my little experiment and something I’m so excited to share with you. We’re in for one exciting ride.


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